Offshore Wind
Journal Conference 4 February 2020

Offshore Wind <br>Journal Conference


Opportunities on the horizon in a booming sector


08:00 Registration, coffee and networking              

08:45 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

08:50 Platinum sponsor welcome address 
Senior Representative, Bureau Veritas

08:55 The Offshore Wind Market – A Sector in Growth

  • New opportunities for vessel owners.
  • Vessel/service types in demand and where the demand is coming from.
  • Opportunities, challenges and potential barriers to entry.

David Foxwell, Editor, Offshore Wind Journal


A comprehensive look at the latest industry developments, key trends and drivers and a ‘round the globe’ review of the key countries currently active in, or new entrants to, the offshore wind and floating offshore wind markets.

09:00 European Offshore Wind: Opportunities in a Maturing Market

  • Projected growth and commercial opportunities . 
  • Review of ongoing projects – current activity.
  • Where are the new opportunities in Europe going to be?
  • Which countries will lead the way in offshore and floating wind?

Imogen Brown, Analyst, Bloomberg NEF

09:20 The Asian Seascape 

  • What’s happening in the Asian markets including Taiwan, Vietnam and China.
  • New markets on the horizon – Japan, South Korea and India.
  • Review of current and planned activity.
  • Commercial opportunities.

Kelvin Teo, Managing Director, POSH Kerry Renewables

09.40 The Americas

  • Where is the offshore wind market at in the US?
  • Activity and projected growth by State.
  • Commercial opportunities.
  • US vessel regulatory issues and Jones Act compliance.

Søren Lassen, Senior Offshore Wind Analyst, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

10:00 Review of the Floating Offshore Wind Market

  • State of current floating offshore wind development.
  • Opportunities, what’s happening, and where?
  • Supply chain and vessel capabilities, how these will differ to fixed offshore wind farms.
  • Who will be the early adopters of FOW?

10:20 Session Q&A        

10:35 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area 


A detailed insight into the vessels market supporting offshore and floating wind projects including focused presentations on Crew Transfer Vessels, Cable Installation Vessels and next generation SOVs.

11:10 Developments and Opportunities for Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV)

  • Technology innovations driving improved safety and performance of vessels.
  • Implementing advanced monitoring systems.
  • Requirements for operational and performance data acquisition by asset owners.

Ian Baylis, Managing Director, Seacat Services

11:30 Voltaire - Next Generation Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIV)

  • Facing the challenges of installing ultra-large wind turbines.
  • Breaking new ground in emission control technology.
  • Boosting lift capacity requirements.
  • Rules and regulatory scope.

Michel Deruyck, Fuel Coordinator, Jan de Nul 
Eva Peno, Global Market Leader OSV & Tugs, Bureau Veritas

11:50 Cable Installation – A Growing Sector

  • Trends and drivers.
  • What and where are the opportunities.
  • Innovations in vessel design and capabilities.
  • What’s required for cable installation in deep and ultra-deep waters.
  • What opportunities will the emerging floating offshore wind sector bring?

12:10 Session Q&A

12:20 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area


This session will review recent developments and innovations happening in the offshore wind markets around the globe including technology advances, market drivers and opportunities in the SOV sector, experiences in transition from the offshore oil & gas sector to the renewables sector and the latest advances in W2W and access systems.

13:30 Case Study: Transition to the Renewables Market 

  • Why the transition?
  • Opportunities, challenges and potential barriers to entry.
  • Capitalising on E&P experience and applying to a new industry.
  • Does it require a different approach?

13:50 Developments and Opportunities in the SOV sector

  • Market trends and drivers.
  • Demand and supply.
  • Opportunities in new markets, where are they?
  • Latest technology advances driving design.

Stephen Bolton, CEO, Bibby Marine Services
14:10 Q&A

14:20 Panel Session: Developments in W2W & Access Systems
A representative from industry will outline their requirements for W2W and access systems for today’s projects focusing specifically on technology solutions offering improved safety, efficiency and cost savings.
Hear from the system providers on how they are meeting the needs of their clients.
Panellists include:
Wijnand van Aalst, CEO, Van Aalst Group

14:50 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area 


Find out the latest advances in technology which are driving down OPEX costs and delivering smarter vessels to service the sector.  What technology innovations are enabling the growth of floating offshore wind projects, and what movements are being made to reduce vessel emissions, improve safety and efficiency.

15:20 Digitalisation in O&M

  • How ORE Catapult are enabling a digital transformation: our surveys, Wind DI Forum and Hackathon.
  • Offshore Wind companies transitions to a digital landscape.
  • ORE Catapult digital studies:

            - SPARTA & WEBS
            - Use of vessel AIS data for O&M
            - Turbine stop analysis using 1Hz sensor data
            - Leading edge erosion analysis

Alistair Lee, Engineer – Data and Digital Team, ORE Catapult

15:40 Technology Innovations in Floating Offshore Wind Projects

  • Technology as the enabler of commercial-scale floating wind farms.   .
  • Review of the floating platform options – which will be suitable?
  • Turbine requirements – size and weight.

16:00 Designing Green Vessels for Green Projects

  • Reducing emissions from vessels constructing/installing wind farms.
  • New technologies driving safety and efficiency in the sector.

16:20 Session Q&A

16:30 Closing remarks from the conference chairman

16:35 End of conference

18:00 Pre-Registration, and welcome drinks for the Annual OSJ Conference, Awards & Exhibition
19:30 End of welcome drinks
20:00 End of pre-registration     

* Programme subject to change/amendments.


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