Offshore Wind
Journal Conference 5 February 2019

Offshore Wind <br>Journal Conference

Offshore Wind Journal Conference

Exploring growth opportunities in a challenging market

  • Market developments in the US and in Asia, including Taiwan, China and Japan, together with continued growth in Europe are providing exciting opportunities and benefits for those vessel owners and operators who prepare and react now.
  • Installations in deeper waters, increasing turbine sizes and the realisation of floating offshore wind bring fresh challenges in vessel design and technological solutions for safe and cost-efficient installation and O&M.
  • Industry regulations, standards and best practices for safe operation are evolving. The sector must keep up. 

Riviera's one-day Offshore Wind Journal Conference is the premier regional event for data gathering and networking with vessel owners and operators. It is a must-attend for established players, new entrants and those contemplating this exciting market. All will come away with the information and contacts needed to make the right business decisions in the coming year.


You can see a selection of interviews with our 2018 speakers here: 

and further coverage on the Offshore Wind Journal website. 


About the Offshore Wind Journal Conference

2017 can justly be described as a breakthrough year for the offshore wind energy industry, a year in which a new paradigm was established in which it became cost-competitive with gas and new-nuclear. This breakthrough has led to a very high level of interest in developing offshore wind projects around the world, from Europe, where the market began, to countries as far flung as Taiwan, China, Japan and the US and the Baltic states. 

This surge in interest in offshore wind will lead to significantly increased demand for all types of vessels that are required to build and service an offshore windfarm, from survey vessels, foundation and turbine installation units, cable-layers, crew transfer to offshore accommodation vessels. It will also lead to a surge in demand for equipment and technology for those vessels.

Against this backdrop, the 2018 Offshore Wind Journal conference addressed the latest market and technological developments. Particular focus was placed on different vessel types, such as those mentioned above, and on equipment such as motion-compensated gangways for ‘walk-to-work’ access. 

The Offshore Wind Journal conference is an intensive one-day event that takes place on the day preceding the Annual Offshore Support Journal conference.

Investment in the offshore wind sector is increasing significantly  and has led to a growth in demand for specialist vessels and suppliers. The Offshore Wind Journal conference addresses the latest market and technological developments. 

Download the 2018 handbook here:



To reserve a stand or make an enquiry about sponsorship please contact Bill Cochrane on Alternatively, you can find our sponsorship document here and the exhibition floorplan here

The 2018 Offshore Renewables Award

One of the awards presented at the OSJ Awards ceremony is the Offshore Renewables Award. The 2018 Award , sponsroed by F3O Offshore Services was won by the Bibby Wave Master 





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