Offshore Wind
Journal Conference 6 February 2018

Offshore Wind <br>Journal Conference


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07:30     Registration, coffee and networking


A comprehensive analysis of offshore wind vessel market data, business trends and sector developments.

09:00 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
David Foxwell, Editor, Offshore Wind Journal and Offshore Support Journal

09:05 Platinum sponsor address
Gijsbert de Jong, Director Offshore Service Vessels & Tugs, Bureau Veritas

9:10 Key industry developments during the last 12 months

  • The latest market data on offshore wind vessels
  • Which countries are looking to offshore wind as part of their clean energy mix
  • Current and upcoming projects – Where can you expect to see new work

Chris Anderson, CEO, 4C Offshore

09:40     Q&A

09:50 Analysis of the current market

  • What are offshore wind developer’s requirements and expectations?
  • Analysis of recent contract terms and conditions
  • Managing operating costs in the current market
  • Will we see an oversupply of vessels in offshore wind?

Bart Willems, Commercial Manager, MPI Offshore

10:20     Q&A 

10:30     Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by MTU Friedrichshafen 


A breakdown of the types of vessels needed and specifications required to complete projects.

11:10 Installation vessels specifications and requirements
Martin van Leest, Managing Director, Rotterdam Offshore

11:40     Q&A 

11:50 Game changers for offshore wind vessels

  • Industrial personnel
  • Certification update for offshore wind vessels
  • Offshore access systems
  • Challenges and opportunities of digital transformation

Gijsbert de Jong, Director Offshore Service Vessels & Tugs, Bureau Veritas

12:20     Q&A 

12:30     Networking lunch break in the exhibition area

13:40 The Future – Opportunities and challenges in offshore wind operations and maintenance

  • The O&M market opportunities and challenges
  • The future marine spread for park maintenance
  • Understanding how assets interact with each other
  • How are vessel owners adapting and dealing with challenges?

Roman Grebe, Managing Partner, F3O Offshore Services

14:10     Q&A

14:20 Case study: New build

  • Pros and cons for a new build versus conversion
  • Vessel design
  • Vessel specifications
  • Key features and efficiencies

Peter Robert, Director Business Development & Market Intelligence, Damen Shipyards

14:40     Q&A

14:50 Case study: New designs

  • Design critical features and specifications
  • Next generation windfarm service vessel

Martijn de Jongh, Chief Designer, Ship Design & Systems, Rolls-Royce Marine

15:10     Q&A

15:20     Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by MTU Friedrichshafen 

16:00 SOUL - The next generation heavy lift jack-up vessel

  • Revolutionary developments in the design of self-propelled heavy lift jack-up vessel for the offshore wind sector
  • Meeting future requirements including handling of the anticipated future 10-12 MW turbines
  • Understanding the benefits of the new jack-up design including much higher payload capacities at lower cost 

Bram Lambregts, Deputy Managing Director, Ulstein

16:20     Q&A

16:30 How we increased the operability of wind support vessels

  • An optimized vessel to support the unique operations in windfarms
  • Smooth workflows to improve efficiency and safety of operations  
  • Higher motivation of technicians through more comfortable accommodation

Matthias Müller, Managing Director, Bernhard Schulte Offshore
Trond Skodjevåg Bø, Sales Manager, Ulstein

16:40     Q&A


This session will look at crewing requirements, challenges and best practice strategies.

16:45 Crew performance

  • Requirements and solutions
  • Training
  • The human vessel

Stefan Lettink, Renewables Market Manager, Royal IHC

17:05     Q&A

17:15 Renewable energy vessel safety assurance

  • Lessons learned from the offshore oil and gas sector
  • Utilising Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) as a framework to facilitate safety assurance
  • Ensuring safety management systems in place on board the vessels operating in offshore energy fields are robust and fit for purpose
  • Examples of good and not so good safety assurance procedures

Chris Baldwin, Technical Adviser, IMCA - International Marine Contractors Association

17:35     Q&A


The closing session will draw on the day’s discussion to forecast the future outlook for offshore wind vessel owners, operators and managers.

17.45 Innovations and cost reduction in offshore wind

  • Recent trends in offshore wind LCOE
  • Time is money - How the speed of installation influences cost of energy
  • Scale versus cost – can we get the balance right?

Dr Kate Freeman, Associate, BVG Associates

18:00     Q&A

18:05 Closing remarks from the chairman

18:10  End of conference followed by pre-registration, and welcome drinks sponsored by MacGregor for the Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference & Awards

*Programme subject to change / amendments



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