Offshore Wind
Journal Conference 6 February 2018

Offshore Wind <br>Journal Conference


The 2018 programme will be available shortly.


07:30 Registration, coffee and networking

09:00 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
David Foxwell, Editor, Offshore Wind Journal and Offshore Support Journal

09:05 Platinum sponsor address


A comprehensive analysis of offshore wind vessel market data, business trends and sector developments.

09:10 Key industry developments during the last 12 months

  • Market overview
  • Technology developments in turbines, foundations, electrical transmissions and operations and maintenance
  • Prospects for floating offshore wind, plus potential roles, opportunities and threats for offshore companies
  • Overall implications of market developments for vessel owners and operators and offshore service providers 

Giles Hundleby, Director, BVG Associates

09:40 Q&A

09:50 The effect of recent auctions on prospects for offshore wind

10:20 Q&A

10:30 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


Updates on key regions and the work opportunities they present.

11:10 UK & Europe

11:25 Q&A

11:30 Update on U.S. Offshore Wind Marine Issues

  • Status of Jones Act application to offshore wind
  • Jones Act compliance ideas
  • Tax and other issues faced by foreign vessels in U.S. waters

Charlie Papavizas, Partner, Chair, Maritime Practice, Winston & Strawn

11:45 Q&A

11:50 Rest of world

12:05 Q&A

12:10 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area


The latest developments in vessel design and build.

13:20 Innovative offshore wind vessels: technical & regulatory developments 

  • Vessel requirements driven by the offshore wind industry 
  • Carriage of more than 12 industrial personnel on offshore wind vessels 
  • Personnel transfer 
  • Energy efficiency: hybrid-electric power systems 
  • Digitalization update

Eva Peno, Business Development Manager, Bureau Veritas

13:40 Q&A

13:50 New foundation and turbine installation vessels: meeting the challenge of larger turbines

Senior representative, MPI Offshore

14:10 Q&A

14:20 Evolution of service operation vessels what next?

  • Making SOVs as cost-effective and environmentally friendly as possible  
  • Internal arrangement of SOVs to make workflow effective
  • Optimising storage and handling equipment

14:40 Q&A

14:50 Case study: Second Generation SOV (CSS MINI) 

  • The proven Compact Semi Sub Concept (CSS)
  • SEMI SUB See keeping verses Mono hull
  • Increased seakeeping capabilities of the vessel, enhances motion compensated W2W
  • Hybrid DE and Battery bank
  • Covered container handling
  • Incorporating the latest in 3D Motion Comp Crane W2W technology

Darren Reeves - Operations Director - Dubai, Marine Assets Corporation 

15:10 Q&A

15:20 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area

16:00 New types of crew transfer vessels

  • What can new crew transfer vessel designs offer in terms of greater comfort for windfarm personnel
  • Safety: examining the crew transfer vessel safety record 

16:20 Q&A


Key advancements in equipment and technology.

16:30 Latest advancements in Procurement and Engineering

Roman Grebe, Partner, F3 OFFSHORE 

16:50 Q&A

17:00 Innovation in crane technology

  • New cranes for offshore wind vessels 
  • Modifications for existing cranes 
  • The challenge of larger turbines and hook height

17:20 Q&A

17:30 Offshore access systems: transporting personnel and equipment

Svein Ove Haugen, Director Sales & Marketing, UPTIME International

17:50 Q&A

18:00 Closing remarks from the chairman
David Foxwell, Editor, Offshore Wind Journal and Offshore Support Journal

18:10  End of conference followed by pre-registration, and welcome drinks sponsored by MacGregor for the Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference & Awards

*Programme subject to change / amendments



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